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Without All The Headaches of a Sign Spinner!

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Sign Dolls Are Happily Used by Retailers and Franchisees of These Fine Companies

There's no doubt that sign spinners are eye-catching. They can effectively attract more attention for your business and skyrocket sales, but there's one glaring problem..

They're EXPENSIVE and difficult to manage!

Our Sign Doll Sign Waving Mannequin will be your secret weapon for boosting sales while saving a TON of money.

Are you ready to stand out from every other business on your block?

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When you order a Sign Doll you’re basically hiring a full time sign spinner without having to pay them an arm and a leg. Here's a small list of benefits when you order a Sign Doll today:

• Robotic Employee that is Ready to Work For You 24/7

• No Vacation Time or Breaks. Ever.

• No Complaining, Phone Calls, Texts or Slacking off

• 100% in Your Control

• No Insurance, Liability or Workers Compensation

• No Paying $2880 for a Full Time Sign Spinner (12 hrs a day, $8 per hour, 30 days)

• No Having to Deal With Lazy, Incompetent Sign Spinners

• Change Your Advertisement Whenever You Want

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It's Time To Grow Your Business Now, Faster and Cheaper Than Ever!

If you want more sales, increased foot traffic, and an easier way to advertise, the Sign Dolls Sign Waving Mannequin is your solution.

Grab your own Sign Doll and have a live, moving advertisement that generates more foot traffic and customers, 365 days a year.

Additional Sign Waving Mannequin Information

Whether you call it a sign waver, robotic sign spinner, sign waving robot, sign twirler, robotic waver, mechanical sign waver, or a sign-waving mannequin, it should all boil down to one thing: Does it get you noticed?

Our Sign Dolls will not only get you noticed by potential customers driving or walking by, but do so in an highly efficient, attractive, and cost-effective way.

Human sign spinner employees may start with the enthusiasm you would expect to be paying for, but the truth is that their energy level will only go down from there as the day wears on. Not everyone has the endurance to hold up a large sign for hours on end without getting tired. Why throw away your hard-earned dollars at an employee who will give anything less than 100% all the time?
Whether your sign waving needs involve a costume or not, the bottom line is that you want the final product to look good. Our Sign Dolls all come with the same beautiful face and will look good in any outfit you line up for them. Can you say the same of your current human sign spinner?

What does it cost for a beautiful girl to stand in front of your business for 10 hours a day waving your sign with the same level of enthusiasm as she had when you opened? The one time price of a Sign Doll!

Clients from all over the country have praised their Sign Doll as a game-changer for their business by dramatically boosting their foot-traffic and making them the most popular business on the block. Some have even become local celebrities with names!

Not only will your Sign Doll be the best employee you ever had, but it will also be the best decision you ever made for your wallet.

Sign Dolls Are Happily Used by Retailers and Franchisees of These Fine Companies

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