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In business since 2004, Orisphere (our parent company) is a California based company with one goal: Helping businesses improve their business.
Our latest creation, the sign spinning mannequin, is a revolutionary new way to promote your business. Conceptualized by Tony Salomon, our lead product designer, the sign spinning mannequin has been proven to generate attention to businesses or events. A true “set it and forget it” advertising method that will pay for itself quickly, but continue to work for you for a long time to come. All without the hassles of paying a sign spinner a monthly Salary + Insurance + Taxes + Benefits, the sign spinning mannequin will literally save you over $3,000/month.


Is there a Warranty?

Of Course! All Premium Mannequins, and all mechanical parts including the motor, wiring and battery come with a limited 1 yr warranty

Does the mannequin have attached wheels for easy transportation?


How long does the battery last?

It can last up to 15 hours on a single charge, though we guarantee it for 10 hours. This will depend on usage.

Where is the sign doll made?

Your Sign Doll is proudly made in the USA! We are the only manufacturer and retailer of Sign Dolls.

Can the arms move along with the sign?

Yes! You can choose to use the stationary arms that come with the mannequin or follow our simple step-by-step instructions to have moving arms. It’s up to you!

How long will it take to put together/what tools are necessary?

The mannequin comes with minimal, one-time assembly required, and should only take about 10-15 minutes to put together! A link to step by step instructions is included, and we even have a video demonstrating each step. The only tools necessary are a screwdriver and a wrench. You only need to assemble the mannequin once, and then you can wheel it to its location as often as you’d like.

Can the mannequin be used outdoors/indoors?

Yes, and yes! You can use your mannequin both indoors and outdoors. We also have special order abstract mannequins without heads for high end indoor displays.

Does the price include a sign?

For a limited time only, we will be including your first sign in the price.

Can I have my own sign made for the mannequin?

Yes. Be sure to use our instructions on how to make and install your own sign. It will need to be made of coroplast (corrugated plastic) and within our recommended dimensions.

How much is Shipping and Handling?

$67 to anywhere within the continental US.

Does the mannequin's arms move?

If you want them to! You can choose to use the standard arms that come with the mannequin, or have movable arms to attach to the sign.

What kind of mannequin/base/wig/etc will I be getting?

We let you choose between a blonde or brunette wig. For a limited time we will also be including basic clothing–please confirm with us. You can always dress the mannequin yourself as you wish with your own clothes or have fun and buy them new clothing. People have dressed them in all types of clothing from casual to formal, and even in costumes such as Nurse outfits, Wonderwoman, Chicken Suits, and much more! It’s completely up to you! Because of variations in production and supply, there may also be slight variances in things like wig length/texture, spin speed of your sign, base model, etc. Rest assured, the overall Sign Doll product remains the same and is just as effective!

How does the Sign Doll hold up in the wind?

Sign Dollscome with a customized base made to support them in basic wind conditions. If you are in a high wind location, you are not alone! We have numerous clients in high wind locations, and we will help you to insure that your mannequin works great in all such conditions! There are numerous minor modifications we can make to insure you get the best performance from your mannequin at all times. Just let us know!

Additional Questions?

We’re available Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM PDT by calling 888-988-9327. Or you can click on the contact page above, and drop us a note. We’ll be happy to get back to you within one business day (but usually sooner!).

Videos & Pics

Please watch the videos below, or scroll down to view some of our pictures!

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Upgrade your Sign Doll with these Additional Products!


Note: If upgrading your plug-in Sign Doll to battery-operated, you will need to also purchase with Sign Dolls Battery Charger (above).

For unlisted replacement parts, please contact us here or call us at (888) 988-9327.

Questions about our warranty, returns, or international shipping rates? Click Below:

Click Here for International Orders

Sign Dolls are Shipping Across the Globe!

If you are an international shopper interested in a Sign Doll, see our price list below for our standard shipping rates per unit to select countries.

We use DHL Express Worldwide for our international shipments, which takes approximately three (3) business days to arrive in most countries.

These rates do not include any provincial taxes that may exist for shipment to your location. Sign Dolls are manufactured by us in the US, so are covered under NAFTA.

If your country is not listed, contact us for a free shipping quote.
Canada – $120 USD

Mexico – $200 USD

Puerto Rico – $200 USD

European countries* – $220 USD

Australia – $300 USD

*This rate is based on past shipping to the majority of countries on the European continent. Please confirm with us that this rate will be correct for your area.



Our 1 year warranty covers all manufacturer defects of all aspects of the mannequin. Here is how it works:

If anything goes wrong during normal usage of the mannequin within 30 days of purchase, we will ship you a replacement part and include a return label for you to ship us back the malfunctioning part. All shipping costs will be covered by us.

After 30 days but within a year of purchase, customer is responsible for shipping and handling costs for the part that is malfunctioning.

Customer is responsible for insuring safe and proper usage of the Sign Doll at all times. That includes, but is not limited to: insuring the Sign Doll never falls, insuring the Sign Doll is always used in safe weather conditions, the Sign Doll never incurs any strong force on any of its parts, and insuring the terms and conditions are always met.

The only parts not covered by the warranty are the battery charger and power adapter, as they are susceptible to power surges, misusage, and similar electrical occurrences which can damage them. Power adapter replacements are $25, and battery charger replacements are $35.

Warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions:
1. The Mannequin Form, Motor, Battery and Base have a 1 year warranty to be free from manufacturer defects from date of order, so long as the mannequin is used under normal and safe conditions and with the original equipment it was sent with.

2. Tampering or opening the back of the mannequin will result in a voiding of the warranty.

3. Transferring of the mannequin to a third party by sale or lease will result in a voiding of the warranty unless express written consent is granted by Orisphere.

4. You can replace the sign ONLY with a coroplast (corrugated plastic) sign with the following dimensions: 24″ tall by 36″ wide.

5. You are responsible for placing the mannequin in a safe and legal place, and under safe conditions. Orisphere and its representatives assume no liability for any citation, damage, harm or injury that may result from the usage of the mannequin.

6. Always place the mannequin on a flat, level surface.

7. Always make sure that the projection from the motor (attached to the belly of the mannequin) is free and clear of any loose articles, including, but not limited to, clothing.

By using the mannequin, you are in effect agreeing to the terms above.



We will always work with you to insure you have a positive experience with your sign doll. If anything is not working properly, please remember we have a full year warranty on all parts from manufacturer defects.

Unopened Sign Dolls can be returned within 10 days of receipt. Customer is responsible for initial shipping fees and proper and safe return shipping as well as a 19% or $145 restocking fee, whichever is greater. Sign Dolls will be inspected to insure they were unused. There are no exceptions to the restocking fee due to the extensive amount of work to get the return sign doll tested and inspected to insure the highest quality for our clients.

Used Sign Dolls can be returned within 30 days. Customer is responsible for paying the initial shipping fee, plus our standard rental fee of $420 for the Sign Doll. Customer is also responsible for proper and safe return shipping.

If a custom sign was made for the customer, there is an additional $35 charge for each sign. Customer can of course keep the sign without the mannequin to use as he or she wishes.

Sign Dolls must be returned in new condition, and with all parts functional and free of blemishes (some models have painted black poles–those poles are exempt from this condition as they are easily scratched). Additional charges may be applied if any part does not work to factory standards.

Credits will be applied to credit card used to purchase the Sign Doll within 7-10 business days after mannequin is returned to our facility.

After 30 days, Sign Dolls can no longer be returned.

You can return your Sign Doll to:
Sign Dolls
11733 Sherman Way
North Hollywood, CA 91605

Additional Information

Grow Your Business With a Sign Doll Sign Waving Mannequin Today

Without All The Headaches of a Sign Spinner!

There’s no doubt that sign spinners are eye-catching. They can effectively attract more attention for your business and skyrocket sales, but there’s one glaring problem..

They’re EXPENSIVE and difficult to manage!

Our Sign Doll Sign Waving Mannequin will be your secret weapon for boosting sales while saving a TON of money.

Are you ready to stand out from every other business on your block?

When you order a Sign Doll you’re basically hiring a full time sign spinner without having to pay them an arm and a leg. Here’s a small list of benefits when you order a Sign Doll today:

• Robotic Employee that is Ready to Work For You 24/7

• No Vacation Time or Breaks. Ever.

• No Complaining, Phone Calls, Texts or Slacking off

• 100% in Your Control

• No Insurance, Liability or Workers Compensation

• No Paying $2880 for a Full Time Sign Spinner (12 hrs a day, $8 per hour, 30 days)

• No Having to Deal With Lazy, Incompetent Sign Spinners

• Change Your Advertisement Whenever You Want

It’s Time To Grow Your Business Now, Faster and Cheaper Than Ever!

If you want more sales, increased foot traffic, and an easier way to advertise, the Sign Dolls Sign Waving Mannequin is your solution.

Grab your own Sign Doll and have a live, moving advertisement that generates more foot traffic and customers, 365 days a year.

Additional Sign Waving Mannequin Information

Whether you call it a sign waver, robotic sign spinner, sign waving robot, sign twirler, robotic waver, mechanical sign waver, or a sign-waving mannequin, it should all boil down to one thing: Does it get you noticed?

Our Sign Dolls will not only get you noticed by potential customers driving or walking by, but do so in an highly efficient, attractive, and cost-effective way.

Human sign spinner employees may start with the enthusiasm you would expect to be paying for, but the truth is that their energy level will only go down from there as the day wears on. Not everyone has the endurance to hold up a large sign for hours on end without getting tired. Why throw away your hard-earned dollars at an employee who will give anything less than 100% all the time?
Whether your sign waving needs involve a costume or not, the bottom line is that you want the final product to look good. Our Sign Dolls all come with the same beautiful face and will look good in any outfit you line up for them. Can you say the same of your current human sign spinner?

What does it cost for a beautiful girl to stand in front of your business for 10 hours a day waving your sign with the same level of enthusiasm as she had when you opened? The one time price of a Sign Doll!

Clients from all over the country have praised their Sign Doll as a game-changer for their business by dramatically boosting their foot-traffic and making them the most popular business on the block. Some have even become local celebrities with names!

Not only will your Sign Doll be the best employee you ever had, but it will also be the best decision you ever made for your wallet.

Say No to Sign Spinners, Yes to a Sign Waving Mannequin

Sign wavers obviously draw the eye of passersby with their high energy antics. But, let’s be honest. How often can you tell what they’re selling? Sure, tossing your sign up in the air 10 feet, swiftly catching it, then spinning it around your back 3 times will definitely bring some attention. Passersby may point and say something to the person next to them, and cars may honk their horns. They definitely draw attention. But no one is talking about the business they’re spinning for, and the advertisement gets lost.

Don’t let your message get eclipsed.

Sign Dolls Sign Waving Mannequins have been made to spin your sign at the perfect speed, so that your message remains readable, and they generate just as much attention as a sign waver, if not more. Signs are held on by screws for easy sign swapping, making your advertising needs a breeze.

Sign spinners, like all humans, can’t take the physicality involved in sign spinning for hours on end in the hot sun without a break. And they won’t go outside in a bit of rain or snow (at least, without a big fuss). But, what if you need them out there on a crucial day that happens to be exceptionally warm, or slightly damp, and you need them out there throughout business hours? When their theatrics come to an end, you’re paying for a lackluster spectacle that basically boils down to a person listening to music on their smartphone and scowling as they move your sign slowly. Enter the Sign Waving Mannequin.

How Sign Waving Mannequins Can Help

Sign Dolls are made to keep on spinning throughout your business hours, rain or shine. The wiring is waterproof, so your sign waving mannequin will be able to stand up to light rain without any trouble. In fact, she’s happy to give you 100% all the time without any breaks ever (So long as you remember to charge her!).

So why pay a sign spinner an arm and a leg for bursts of energy that take attention away from your business, followed by exhausted and reluctant sign teetering that brings the wrong kind of attention? Why tolerate all of that when you can purchase a Sign Doll for a fraction of the cost it takes to employ a sign spinner for a month, eliminate an extra financial burden, and receive more positive attention and foot-traffic than ever before?

Businesses across the country love their Sign Doll. Some say they’re the best employee they’ve ever had. Others are rotating their Sign Doll’s wardrobe constantly from all the positive feedback from loyal customers and onlookers who are always checking out what’s new with their sign waving mannequin. Others mention people constantly stopping to say hi, and snap a picture or two with their local celebrity. Others have even designed a social media page for their Sign Doll!
Are you ready to be the most popular business on the block? Don’t wait. Get your Sign Doll Today!

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Questions or Concerns? Call us! We’re here to help you grow your business!

Phone: (888) 988-9327

Shipping is $67 per mannequin across Continental United States.

Contact us or click here for international shipping rates.





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