All the Benefits of Sign Spinners… Minus All the Headaches! Grow Your Business With a Sign Doll Sign Waving Mannequin

As effective as sign spinners are, they come with a few important problems: They’re expensive and difficult to manage!
Our Sign Doll Sign Waving Mannequin can be used as your secret weapon for boosting sales – making you stand out from everyone else in town and ensuring that your advertisement gets seen.

You’re basically hiring a full time sign spinner, minus all the headache.
• 24/7 Robotic Employee that is Ready to Work For You at All Times
• No Vacation Time or Breaks
• No Complaining, Phone Calls, and Texts
• 100% Control in Your Hands
• No Insurance, Liability, Workers Compensation
• No Paying $2880 for a Full Time Sign Spinner (12 hrs a day, $8 per hour, 30 days)
• No Having to Deal With Lazy, Incompetent Sign Spinners
• Change Your Advertisement Whenever You Want
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Grow Your Business Now

If you want more sales, increased foot traffic, and an easier way to advertise, the Sign Dolls Sign Waving Mannequin is your solution.

Grab your own Sign Doll and have a live, moving advertisement that generates more foot traffic and customers, 365 days a year.

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Client Testimonials

She's increased our foot traffic into the store by about 35-50%! People make special trips to our store just so that they can pose with her and have their pictures taken!
Phil F, Huntington WV.

Client Testimonials

We considered getting a sign spinner... But then we got our Sign Doll instead. Where can you find someone to spin a sign for you seven days a week? She's been getting our brand out there and we've been happy ever since. I really recommend Sign Dolls.
Alex Iglesias, Sylmar CA.

Client Testimonials

We named her Stephanie since people were asking us what her name was... She's working out great! She's a definite attention getter!
Big Boys Bail Bonds, Van Nuys, CA.

Your Secret Weapon

  • Attract More Attention to your products or services
  • Get More Foot Traffic
  • Works 10 Hours a Day, Everyday
  • More Traffic = More Sales
  • Built to Last, Made in the USA

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