Is there a Warranty?

Of Course! All Premium Mannequins and all mechanical parts including the motor, and wiring come with a limited 1 yr warranty, the battery has a 90-day warranty.

Does the mannequin has attached wheels for easy transportation?


How long does my SignDoll stay charged?

It can last up to 15 hours on a single charge, though we guarantee it for 10 hours. This will depend on usage.We now guarantee 15 hours of run time for the New SignDoll.  We know the battery can last longer, but we advise charging after 15 hours to preserve the life of the battery and prevent complete drainage of the battery.

Where is the sign doll made?

Your Sign Doll is proudly assembled in the USA! We are the only manufacturer and retailer of SignDolls.

 How long will it take to put together/what tools are necessary?

The mannequin comes with minimal, one-time assembly required, and should only take about 10-15 minutes to put together! A link to step by step instructions is included, and we even have a video demonstrating each step. The only tools necessary are a screwdriver and a wrench. You only need to assemble the mannequin once, and then you can wheel it to its location as often as you’d like. No tools necessary, easy assembly, won’t take more than 5 minutes!

Can the mannequin be used outdoors/indoors?

Yes, and yes! You can use your mannequin both indoors and outdoors. 

Does the price include a sign?

For a limited time only, we will be including your first sign in the price.

Can I have my own sign made for the mannequin?

Yes. Be sure to use our instructions on how to make and install your own sign. It will need to be made of coroplast (corrugated plastic) and within our recommended dimensions.

How much are Shipping and Handling?

Free to anywhere within the continental US.

Do the mannequin’s arms move?

If you want them to! You can choose to use the standard arms that come with the mannequin, or have movable arms to attach to the sign.

What kind of mannequin/base/wig/etc will I be getting?

We let you choose between a blonde or brunette wig. For a limited time we will also be including basic clothing–please confirm with us. You can always dress the mannequin yourself as you wish with your own clothes or have fun and buy them new clothing. People have dressed them in all types of clothing from casual to formal, and even in costumes such as Nurse outfits, Wonderwoman, Chicken Suits, and much more! It’s completely up to you! Because of variations in production and supply, there may also be slight variances in things like wig length/texture, the spin speed of your sign, base model, etc. Rest assured, the overall Sign Doll product remains the same and is just as effective!

How does the Sign Doll hold up in the wind?

SignDolls come with a customized base made to support them in basic wind conditions. If you are in a high wind location, you are not alone! We have numerous clients in high wind locations, and we will help you to ensure that your mannequin works great in all such conditions! There are numerous minor modifications we can make to ensure you get the best performance from your mannequin at all times. Just let us know!

Additional Questions?

We’re available Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM PDT by calling 888-988-9327. Or you can click on the contact page above, and drop us a note. We’ll be happy to get back to you within one business day (but usually sooner!).