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Order Yours Today for Just $1,499.99

all-new SignDolls Sign Waving Mannequin includes everything you need to get started:

  • The fully operational mannequin.
  • An upgraded 15+ hour battery.
  • Built-in charger for overnight charging.
  • Complete installation instructions – No tools required!
  • Brand new base design, for very simple transportation.  The battery is now ATTACHED to the base.
  • One year limited warranty on manufacturer defects. 90-day warranty on battery.
  • Includes basic clothing & your choice of a blonde or brunette wig
  • Your Choice of Blonde or Brunette Wig

LIMITED TIME ONLYFREE Shipping & TAX Included – PLUS get Your First Sign Included FREE! (Sign details will be requested via email.)

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How Sign Waving Mannequins Can Help

Sign Dolls are made to keep on spinning throughout your business hours, rain or shine. The wiring is waterproof, so your sign waving mannequin will be able to stand up to light rain without any trouble. In fact, she’s happy to give you 100% all the time without any breaks ever (So long as you remember to charge her!). So why pay a sign spinner an arm and a leg for bursts of energy that take attention away from your business, followed by exhausted and reluctant sign teetering that brings the wrong kind of attention? Why tolerate all of that when you can purchase a Sign Doll for a fraction of the cost it takes to employ a sign spinner for a month, eliminate an extra financial burden, and receive more positive attention and foot traffic than ever before? Businesses across the country love their Sign Doll. Some say they’re the best employee they’ve ever had. Others are rotating their Sign Doll’s wardrobe constantly from all the positive feedback from loyal customers and onlookers who are always checking out what’s new with their sign waving mannequin. Others mention people constantly stopping to say hi, and snap a picture or two with their local celebrity. Others have even designed a social media page for their Sign Doll!

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